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Switchboard Upgrade

October 12, 2021
Do you know the benefits of upgrading your switchboards?
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  1. It protects your family and employees from electrocution: Nothing makes you a better boss or family member than making sure your employees and family don’t get electrocuted.  
  2. Protecting your property and assets from potential fire danger: Due to degrading wiring and faulty fuses, old switchboards can be a fire hazard. By replacing your old switchboard you will eliminate the risk of your switchboard starting a fire. 
  3. Reduce maintenance costs: Who doesn’t love to save money? Old equipment requires more regular repairs, which can be quite costly. Reduce these repairs by swapping out your old switchboard for a newer more modern one. 
  4. Extend the lifespan of your electrical equipment: You’re living your best electronic life in 2021 whilst your switchboard is stuck in the 1900s. Add years to the life of your electrical equipment by upgrading to a modern switchboard. 
  5. Ensure your business is compliant and providing a safe workplace: Your new board that we install will be compliant with current regulations, meaning there will be no more sleepless nights worrying that your building isn’t completely up to scratch. Our circuits will also be upgraded with RCD safety switches, which provides a safer working place. 


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