Electrical Faults

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Electrical faults can cause serious problems for the safety of you and your family,  it is  important to identify issues early to prevent the possibility of fires or electrocution. Old, deteriorating or damaged wiring, power meters or appliances can potentially have fatal consequences that can easily be avoided.

ANE qualified electricians can quickly diagnose electrical faults in your home or office and provide the appropriate solution for repairs or replacement of non-working parts.


  • Electrical wiring faults
  • Switchboard faults
  • Faulty electrical appliances


Our electrical fault diagnostic and repair service thoroughly examines the contributing factors to the problem, providing peace of mind that you can take advantage of the wonderful benefits of electricity safely and reliably.


Sometimes the electricity supplier in your area may experience an outage, or what many call a “black out”. You are probably experiencing an outage if your neighbours also do not have electricity. If you believe you are experiencing a black out in your area, check with your electricity provider for information and update

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